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report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. our online show begins right now. >> shepard: developing news now on the american christian missionaries held in haiti. it's our top story tonight. plus, snow storm round 2. tonight, tens of millions of americans snowed in. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. [siren] >> it's already shattered records. and shut down entire cities. >> a travelling nightmare. terrible. >> if you don't need to be out there, don't go out there. >> shepard: it's not over yet. tonight, a snow storm makes history. and taking action against iran. how the united states government is now setting its sights on the revolutionary guard. developing tonight, the americans accused of trying to kidnap dozens of children in haiti could be free in a matter of hours.
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that's what the reuters news service is reporting right now. it indicates a haitian judge has decided to release the ten baptist church members from idaho and that it could happen as soon as tomorrow. steve harrigan with late-breaking details from our south florida newsroom. steve, what changed in this case? >> shepard, it may be the turning point comes from the haitian judge who, according to unnamed sources close to the court, say he has decided that there was no criminal intention on behalf of the 10 americans. you remember january 29th, these ten americans, members of an idaho-based baptist church took 33 haitian children who they claimed were orphans. they were stopped at the border with the dominican republic. it turned out that many of these haitians still had living parents but many of those parents voluntarily gave up their children. if the judge determines that there was no criminal intent, he could order all 10 released. he could order fewer than 10 released. the next move may be to tell the prosecutor release the americans. if that happens, we could see
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them free as early as tomorrow morning. >> shepard: indication, steve, that this should wrap up very quickly. >> certainly there has been high level pressure on both sides to get it done. every day this goes on has really eaten up the oxygen in the media about the haiti story instead of focusing on the plight of the 9 million people in desperate shape and 200,000 killed in the earthquake. the attention has been going to the 10 missionaries. although it's a sensitive case, they want to wrap it up quickly. >> shepard: steve, thank you. another big story of the day and folks have said they have never seen anything like this. back-to-back snow storms on the east coast. the latest one so bad the national weather service has termed it life threatening. in baltimore, new york, d.c., all among those feeling the pain the most. remember, some areas got nearly 3 feet last weekend. and crews have been working around the clock since then to clear the streets that may be
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hopeless report. maryland, one transportation official says just as soon as the plow goes through, the wind blows the snow right back on the road in and around washington driving conditions got so bad today snow crews had to shut down for safety reasons. officials cut down both dulles and reagan airports. in virginia investigators blame whiteout conditions for a 50 car pileup on i-64 near williamsburg. a few hundred miles to the north. more pileups involving dozens of vehicles on i-80 in clearfield, pennsylvania. police say at least one person died there. well, here in the big apple, crews in times square kept busy clearing the streets while tourists and workers alike made it through the mess as best they could. thick, heavy and wet in new york. as one mail carrier slushed to carry her rounds this snow could come at a very high price. insurance expert suggested today these east coast storms could
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actually cost billions in damage and lost productivity. we have team fox coverage of the winter blast. brian wilson in maryland. rick reichmuth in the extreme weather center with new details about this storm. there are changes afoot. first get to laura ingle outside our headquarters in new york. a little wet, i'm guessing? >> it is indeed. icy and slushy conditions have been severe at times today for sure. things are starting to settle down a little bit. i can tell you that schools will be open tomorrow in new york city public schools, students had a rare treat today of a snow day, but they will have to go back tomorrow. as far as commuters, they will have a headache for a while longer. >> it has been a frigid, windy and dangerous day across the eastern seaboard. a state of emergency southern new jersey counties. drivers who were daring enough to brave wind-whipped snowy streets were warned to slow down. speed limits reduced.
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mayor of baltimore banned travel on all city roads. the governor of maryland accidents residents to stay indoors and ordered snowplows to head back to base as conditions worsened. >> we are experiencing blizzard conditions in every single county in every part of maryland. and we are seeing this sort of swirling double buzz saw of low pressure systems. >> in pennsylvania, the state's governor shut down three major interstates as the snow fell faster than crews were able to keep up. new york city public schools were closed today. over 1 million kids were off the hook from going to class. many headed to snow-filled parks to snow ball fight and sled. while children took advantage of the snow day, lots of adults had to weather the storm to go to work. the blizzard didn't stop traders at the new york stock exchange. >> this is my job. i mean, they are open. you go to work. >> well, many people will try very hard to get to work tomorrow. many people weren't able to get into the office. that may be tricky for some because we are hearing reports tonight that thousands of people are without power in new jersey,
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for instance. so, people may have to set their alarm clocks on their cell phones for tomorrow. back to you. >> shepard: laura ingle live outside our studios here in midtown, manhattan. this storm forced the federal government to shut down for a third straight day. even the white house virtually empty because the president instructed his staff to work at home on secure laptops. for a better idea of the conditions out there, just check out what happened to major garrett this morning during a live report. >> on friday, "special report" wrote -- had a piece and i wrote one for our blog -- there we go. this is what we do on live television, folks, in the blidz. >> oh, gosh. >> stay there, cole, we're fine. you stay there. >> shepard: that gives you some appreciation for how hard the winds have been blowing. up wards of 40 miles per hour at times we're told. still that couldn't keep one congressman from getting his exercise. >> you don't see washington like this. i have never run down the middle of pennsylvania avenue in washington, d.c. so this is a first. >> jim marshal the democrat of georgia. if you are going to get around doing it on foot might be the best bet.
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but to get a sense of just how bad it is on the streets, steve centanni went on snow patrol in an suv today. >> there is a small snowplow here. there was a truck stuck. there was some limbs down. the snow is about 5 or 6 inches thick on the pavement. it has not been plowed. emergency vehicles are out. a few people are out walking around. now these are city streets in the center of the city. but if you live in some of the residential areas of the washington, d.c. area, anywhere in the washington metropolitan area, probably now on up the atlantic seaboard. you have trouble in your residential neighborhood because those are narrower streets, a lot of trees and cars parked on both sides of the streets. know banks that are piled up by snowplows from the last storm that dumped 2 to 3 feet of snow here in the washington area. so, in those neighborhoods, it's very difficult to get your vehicle out, to get moving, and authorities are advising that even if you could, you shouldn't. >> shepard: no, you shouldn't. steve riding along with members of the national guard as they tried to help people in washington deal with the storm. folks also have their hands full
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about 20 miles north and west of d.c. in german town, maryland. our senior correspondent brian wilson is there live tonight. hey, brian. >> shepard, everywhere you look big piles of snow. they had about 30 inches before this snow storm started. now they have added another 10 to 15 inches to it the big problem, however, is the wind, which is blowing the snow very hard. causing whiteout conditions. it's so bad that they decided they wouldn't run the snowplows for a while. over across the way is a home depot. we climbed up on the roof. my cameraman earlier today, they were actually shovelling the snow off the home depot. it's a big long flat roof and they were afraid if they had too much snow with too much weight it might cause problems. there have been a number of those roof collapses in the area. and it's a big concern. but this area, shepard, has never seen this kind of snow as long as they have been recording weather data in the washington, d.c. baltimore area. back to you.
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>> shepard: brian wilson out in the snow for us again tonight. thanks very much. we have just learned that federal offices in washington will, indeed, close tomorrow. fourth straight day. the storm smashing through records all day today, dropping tons of snow and packing hurricane-force winds. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is live in extreme weather center now. rick, you know, i was hearing from some of the locals, this thing might be heading out to sea. >> it is heading out to sea it will during the overnight hours. got about another 12 hours to get through this and then tomorrow the big digout. we still have blizzard warnings, shepard, in effects. new york, philadelphia, still towards d.c. and baltimore. that's a major population area that's dealing with this storm, at least for the x number of hours. another storm we will watch for monday. this active pattern certainly is going to continue. here is a look at the storm right now, very heavy snow falling across connecticut through new york city. still down towards philadelphia and beginning to taper off in and around the d.c. area. i want to look at this storm a little bit. you talk about coastal storms. the reason they are so important
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is when the center of low pressure is over the water, all of that energy tunnels up through here and it gives it this abundant moisture source for these storms. then the winds come out of northeast counterclockwise motion. that's why we have such strong winds with this storm, especially pounding coastal areas. we have seen blizzard conditions across jfk in towards laguardia airport and down towards philadelphia. shepard, all of these cities now, philadelphia, baltimore, d.c., wilmington, delaware. this one has gone up as well. all of them have broken all-time seasonal snowfall records. we are only the 10th of february. we have a lot of winter to get through, shepard. >> shepard: we have much more coverage of this winter blast on our weather site fox check it out. videos from the hardest hit areas. you can see how the snow storm stacks up against big blizzards of the past. new spot for us
7:11 pm president obama making good on his threat to punish iran for stepping up its nuclear program. now there is word of a knew crackdown in iran ahead a big celebration and demonstration is next. wow. plus, from the blizzard from new york city and the journalists at the world headquarters of fox news. we're glad to have you with us as fox reports live tonight.
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today's the day to talk to your doctor... about your urinary symptoms and find out... if avodart is right for you. >> shepard: the united states today slapped new sanctions on iran for defying the world and standoff over nuclear program. here is why. iranian state tv reports this is video from the nuclear facility where scientists are now enriching uranium to levels that could be used for atomic weapons, or at least approaching that iran claims the fuel is only for a medical facility but the united states and its allies don't buy it and just yesterday president obama warned iran it would face new punishment. mike emanuel is working the pentagon for us tonight. mike, the sanctions are aimed at highest ranks of iran's military.
7:15 pm
>> shep, that's right. freezing assets here in the u.s. linked to iran's revolutionary guard which is accused of weapons of mass destruction proliferation and supporting terrorism, the ideas is unilateral actions by the united states, going after the revolutionary guard and not hurting the iranian people, shep. >> shepard: you know, mike, our corporate cousins at the "wall street journal" are reporting that iran is pulling the plug on google's email service just as that country gets ready to celebrate a major anniversary. >> that's right, the 31st anniversary of the islamic revolution in iran, a huge day for the regime. a day when a lot of the critics of the regime plan to take to the streets and protest. hundreds of protesters have already been arrested we understand. regarding the move to pull the plug on google, as reported by the "wall street journal," state department spokesman p.j. crowley says, quote: virtual walls won't work in a 21st century any better than physical walls worked in the 20th century. the iranian people are dynamic and determined and will find a way to overcome the obstacles
7:16 pm
the iranian government puts in their way. iran says it plans to launch a new national email service, sounds like a way to monitor your critics. shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel at the pentagon tonight, thank you. the high high profile recalls of millions of cars the toyota appear to be driving away americans from japanese automakers at least for now. kelley blue book finds 27% of potential car buyers who were considering a toyota before the problems with the gas pedals and the brakes are now looking to buy from another company instead. of that group, almost half say that they are not sure they will consider buying from toyota ever again. well, all of this as a former top lawyer for toyota's u.s. operations accuses the company of trying to hide its safety problems. in an interview with abc news brian ross, the willful blower claims the company covered up safety issues and did not hand over information it was legally required to provide during civil cases. >> so they were hiding evidence
7:17 pm
of safety problems? >> they were hiding evidence, concealing evidence, destroying evidence, obstructing justice, committing mail fraud, committing wire fraud and committing conspiracy to do all those criminal acts. >> and you saw this yourself as a lawyer at toyota? >> i did. >> there is no doubt about this? >> no noe question. >> shepard: for example, he claims when a vehicle rollover test ended with poor results, the company ordered another test in hopes of getting better results. toyota has released a statement on this saying it strongly disputes these allegations, calling them inaccurate and misleading. the automaker reports the attorney is a former employee who is bitter about losing his job. well, for almost a month, the questions have been swirling about the fate of the taliban's leader in pakistan. and the question centers around this. is this man dead or did he escape attack by u.s. drones? tonight, our first official answers. as fox reports live from
7:18 pm
islamabad next.
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>> shepard: we got our first official word from pakistan today that the head of the taliban militant group there is dead. we have been hearing talk of this for the past few weeks ever since the united states missile strike on a taliban strong hold last month. now pakistan's interior minister and the top intelligence official both confirm the attack did indeed kill the terror leader. as we saw in a new attack today, the taliban remains a threat to the stability in that region. security forces indicate a suicide becomer -- bomber detonated his explosives near a police border and that killed at least 17 people. scott heidler is reporting from islamabad streaming live with the latest.
7:22 pm
scott? >> shep, after weeks of rumors and reports sourcing unnamed officials the government here in pakistan today has confirmed that the taliban chief is dead. that announcement coming from this country's interior minister confirmed today that he died but did not give the details of exactly how he was killed. the pakistani intelligence source told fox news that mehsud was injured in a mid january u.s. drone strike and later died from his wounds. it's thought that he was transported from the site of the attack in south waziristan to his in-law's house in the orakzai tribe agency. he died and buried after. two weeks after the deadly suicide bombing on a cia base in afghanistan. he was seen setting next to the jordanian double agent who carried out the attack. in a video, the double agent claimed responsibility and said that the attack was retaliation for another drone strike last august that killed his predecessor mehsud.
7:23 pm
the helping him for helping with the bombing at that cia base it was the single loss of life for the cia since the 1980s. he was also blamed for a string of terror attacks here in pakistan that killed hundreds. haki mullah mehsud was much more visible. he held press conferences as taliban head. it will no doubt weaken the taliban in the short run. in the long run it won't deal them a death blow. as we look at history as an example, the killing -- after the killing of the last leader, there was a dip in activity but then soon after that two months after that the taliban unleashed a wave of terror across this country that killed hundreds of pakistanis, shep. >> shepard: scott heidler reporting from pakistan tonight. there is word out of that country that pakistan wants to take on a major role in resolving the war in afghanistan. it comes from the reporting of the "new york times" it says the offer came from this pan the head of pakistan's army.
7:24 pm
he told the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admirable mike mullen that his nation wants to have more influence in afghanistan by talking with taliban factions in pakistan. a senior military official tells us the meeting did take place but he will not confirm that the men spoke about a wider role for the pakistanis. in a state department source tells fox news not to read much into into this situation. the source says the united states is encouraging pakistan to mediate with the taliban within its borders. but the u.s. is cautious of pakistan playing too strong a role in afghanistan. a dramatic moment caught on tape. see that white van near the bottom of the screen there? it is sitting at a railroad crossing. and there is a train headed its way. we will show you what happens next. plus, ellen degeneres making her debut on "american idol." how did she do? we will report. you decide. don't forget to vote on online poll. will ellen boost idol's ratings? you can go to fox and let us know what you think. we will give you the results coming up on "the fox report."
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>> shepard: a man credited with saving a life or two in argentina after a van stalls on train tracks. take a look at this. we don't know who the man is but you can see the white van trying to clear the tracks. watch the man on the back of the motorcycle behind that van, he gets off and pushes the vehicle off the tracks then high tails it out of there just in time to avoid, see that. wow, getting hit himself. no word on how many people were in that van but everybody is
7:29 pm
apparently okay. well, they are calling a helicopter pilot a hero in brazil today after he steered his out of control aircraft away from a busy highway right before it crashed. it happened in sao paulo. largest city in south america. take a look at this. the wreck caught on tape. the helicopter spinning before it hit the ground. the pilot and a news cameraman were covering morning rush hour traffic and the police response to a bank robbery. that field you see there just a few hundred yards from a major highway. the broadcast company that owns the chopper says the pilot died while the cameraman was hospitalized and in intensive care. we are told investigators think the engine failure caused the crash. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and a winter storm blanketing the mid-atlantic and the northeast with snow. grounding planes, halting trains and turning roads into ice.
7:30 pm
bottom line, it's not -- it's difficult, if not impossible to get around the region tonight. just ask richard chambers. we found him dragging his suitcase through the snow at new york's times square on the first leg of his trip home to atlanta. >> i got here by train from boston this morning without a problem. i'm hoping to get out of here tomorrow. >> shepard: good luck. the way things are looking tonight, that could be easier said than done. molly henneberg covering transportation problems up and down the region. he is live tonight at our bureau in washington. start with airports. airlines canceling hundreds, even thousands of flights, right? >> that's right. here in d.c. no flights in or out of reagan national or dulles airports. today, in fact, the airports pretty much empty as you might imagine. the airport officials say they may -- may be able to get some flights out tomorrow but they will make that decision tomorrow morning and into the afternoon. in baltimore, movies the flights were cancelled. no commercial flights in or out and most flights cancelled at new york city area airports as well.
7:31 pm
shep? >> shepard: this part of the country a a lot of people get around on the rails. how is snow impacting train travel? >> amtrack was running some trains up and down the northeast corridor believe it or not between d.c. and boston. very few trains. it was limited service but they did have some trains out there. not many trains going south between d.c. and the carolinas though. underground subway systems had a bit more luck today. and commuter trains in the new york and new jersey areas some were running but most of them were cancelled or were on a delayed schedule. shep? >> shepard: finally molly, the roads are such a mess that the government actually shut down a number of freeways today. what's the latest on that? >> right, some governors, including pennsylvania governor ed reynolds closed rendell closed parts of major highways today because conditions were so bad. they made that call that they had to close some of the highways and even had to turn away some transportation at the borders. as far as roads around the area, officials say that's going to be snow covered and road crews are going to be on the job for quite a while. listen to this. >> they are going to be out there on those 12-hour shifts
7:32 pm
for the foreseeable future. >> we will not be able to get down to bare pavement in our state in virtually any county for several days. >> and in baltimore, the mayor there declared that no vehicles could be on city streets except for emergency vehicles. shep? >> shepard: molly henneberg on a windy and snowy night in d.c. molly, get warm. we have a lot more snow coverage for you at our web site conditions, forecasts, reports from all affected areas, that include video reports on the problems caused by the blizzards. one of the newest reports on that site a look at how professional drivers like truckers are managing and some cases the conditions are so bad they refuse to get on the road. go to california now and fire officials today lifted evacuation orders for hundreds of residents in the foothills of los angeles where several major rain storms have caused mud slides. a fire department spokesperson says residents in the area as you see here can now return
7:33 pm
home. we are told the storm was expected to slam the region overnight sparking fears of more mud slides. it's moved in another direction. the clean-up continues however. and fire crews say rivers of dirt and debris have damaged or destroyed dozens of homes in recent weeks. the pressure has been building. now two key republicans say it's time for president obama's counter terror chief to go. john brennan admits he failed the president by not preventing the attempted christmas day terror attack. and just yesterday a "u.s.a. today" editorial called the obama administration's handling of the botched bombing amateur hour. but brennan is accusing his critics of playing politics with national security and, quote, fear mongering. major garrett live at the white house tonight. major? >> good evening, shepard. republicans say it's all about the policy. the white house says no, it's all about the politics. caught in the middle? john brennan who is the president's top counter terrorism advisor and was for a very long time a top counter terrorism advisor to former president bush. on this topic of whether or not brennan should stay or go, two
7:34 pm
sound bites now one from christopher bond republican from missouri and the other pete hoekstra michigan republican. let's listen. >> when i was asked yesterday if john brennan should go, i said, look, the policy needs to be changed. if they need to change people to change the policy, that's what needs to be done. >> i think the president probably should fire this phi because we he is off base and inconsistent with how national security issues shoulding dealt with. >> republicans say that brennan overstepped the line by putting in an op. ed in "u.s.a. today." not only that line about unfounded fear-mongering, shepard, but also saying that this kind of attack from republicans only serve the goals of al qaeda. now, brennan also says that this administration is following past precedent as it did in the christmas day bombing attack. let me show you three pictures the administration likes to point so. omar faruq abdulmutallab received his miranda rights and tried in the federal court system as was richard reid, the shoe bomber right after 9/11.
7:35 pm
as was ahmed ressam millennium bosommer from 1999. he was read his miranda rights. these kind of cases should and can be handled by the federal court system. republicans say that may be true but where the administration blew this was by mirandizing abdulmutallab so early and not giving him sufficient and lengthy interrogation which republicans say and the white house argues back would have provided more intelligence about future al qaeda operations and possible attacks in this country. shep? >> shepard: major garrett live in the white house briefing room tonight. thank you. the federal reserve chairman ben bernanke laid out the blueprint for the fed's plan to recoup all the money it loaned out in the great recession and in turn winding down the stimulus program. bernanke issued a statement saying the fed will try to raise the interest rate it pays banks to keep money in the u.s. central bank. analysts say that way banks would be less inclined to put money on risky investments. but they also say that could
7:36 pm
hurt consumers because those banks would have more incentive to sit on their money and earn interest rather than lend it out to you and me. but, bernanke says the plan will not be implemented until the economy is on a firmer footing. on wall street, the stock market managed to steady itself before the closing bell today. after hearing bernanke's plans concerning the central bank, stocks suffered sharp early losses before reversing course later in the day. the market ended up just about where it started. the dow dropped 20 to close a little bit above the 10,000 mark. the nasdaq down 3. the s&p off 2. while the fed works on the financial crisis here at home, another government moved to fix its debt crisis is shaking up the entire european union and affecting u.s. market. air traffic controllers even customs and tax officials all walked off their jobs in greece. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. greece: the strike shutting down public services for the day
7:37 pm
across the country. the union workers say they are oppose to the government cutbacks that would freeze salaries and new hiring. slash bonus and increase the average retirement age. the country is facing international pressure to cut spending. the prime minister says his government will take any measures necessary. afghanistan. helicopters ferrying rescuers to a pass in the afghanistan mountains where a deadly avalanche hit on monday. killing we now know at least 160 people. soldiers digging through snow drifts, trying to reach anybody who still may be stranded. a government spokesman says the crews have rescued thousands of people. sri lanka. authorities calling in riot police after government supporters clashed with opposition activists in the capital city. the activists protesting the arrest of their defeated presidential candidate. they say his detention is illegal. government supporters held a counter rally at the supreme court.
7:38 pm
egypt. a couple of chimpanzee tying the knot at the zoo. decorating their cage and laying out gifts. the idea, get the pair to mate. we're told it's a little early to tell whether it will work. but the zoo keepers say they are quite hopeful. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. news from planet blagojevich. the former illinois governor again declaring he is innocent. this time in front of a judge. blago's day in court next. ♪
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>> shepard: to planet blago we joyfully go now the former illinois governor rod blagojevich again in the cube. and back in federal court today answering to a revised list of counts in that corruption case that resulted in state lawmakers tossing him out of office. governor blago once again pleaded not guilty, or he really said innocent to charges he tried to get jobs or money in
7:42 pm
exchange for his appointment to president obama's old senate seat. the former governor following up his quick appearance in court with yet another appearance in front of the news cameras and this time the former governor demanded prosecutors play all the tapes from his federal wiretaps. >> i challenge the government, if you are on the side of truth and justice as you say you are, and if this was a crime spree, like you claim it was, then don't hide behind technicalities. play all the tapes. >> shepard: in addition to some of the old charges blagojevich faced, prosecutors have added some new ones, among them, racketeering, bribery, and attempted extortion. larry yellow of fox station wfld fox news chicago joins us live from the main street tonight. it looks like the snow is down there. what happened in court? >> well, in court, the former governor appeared for his arraignment. he looked fairly chipper. seemed to be in good spirits.
7:43 pm
he appeared before the judge. it lasted all of five minutes. he entered a not guilty plea. then he came down stairs and in an emotional statement to reporters said that he has now filed a motion asking that the jurors in his upcoming trial be allowed to hear all of the tapes that he wants to play for them. there are more than 500 hours of fbi secret recordings taped. the judge has not yet ruled on that motion, shep. >> shepard: all right. as i mentioned, these are revised charges against the former governor. feds seem to be trying to get around a legal challenge to one of the old charges. what's different this time? >> that's right. the original indictment was based on deprivation of honest services theory. that is facing several severe legal challenges in front of the u.s. supreme court right now. the law could be tossed out before july. prosecutors in order to cover themselves came back with more traditional indictment. it still includes the deprivation of honest services counts but they added eight new counts of bribery and extortion charges, attempted extortion.
7:44 pm
they will say that will stand up even if the supreme court takes action against those deprivation of honest services charges. shep? >> shepard: larry yellen wfld fox news chicago. thanks very much. it's been nearly a month since the catastrophic earthquake in haiti. relief agencies say they are still struggling to get food, water and medical supplies to victims. even before that disaster haiti didn't have much in the way of freezing rain structure. the magnitude 7 quake destroyed a lot of what was there. it's been a huge problem for charities, including the red cross. they rely on road system left in ruins. but some smaller organizations are managing to find ways to get aid where it's needed. jonathan serrie live in our atlanta newsroom tonight with more on these microcharities. hey, jonathan. >> hi, shep. they are doing it with a combination of out of the box thinking along with the generosity of donors and volunteers, including some private airplane pilots. watch this dramatic amateur video taken from the cockpit of
7:45 pm
a small plane carrying humanitarian supplies to the haitian island. >> we just [inaudible] some semblance of a runway. >> dirt roads or grassy fields in some of the most isolated parts of the country. >> we have been delivering two or three times a day. these guys have been miracle workers. >> when last month's earthquake cut off hatey's highly centralized supply lines out of port-au-prince, private aircraft pilots volunteered to help small relief organizations get food, water, and medicine to people in these areas. >> i'm going to be back here today with doctors and more rights. >> i'm amazed at the generosity of these people. >> bermuda is the director of child spring international. the faith-based charity is collecting truck loads of medical supplies and other humanitarian items to deliver through this scrappy network of small groups and individuals working together to make a big difference. >> we don't have to wait. we don't have a lot of red tape.
7:46 pm
but we have is some big hearts that awesome for the people of haiti. and we are ready for action. >> and the pilots involved with these operations are all volunteers. they don't get paid, other than reimbursement for the fuel that they use on the missions. it is a low overhead operation that is saving lives and offering hope in haiti, shep? >> shepard: good stuff. jonathan serrie in our atlanta newsroom tonight. thanks a lot. president obama threatening to go around the senate to get some of his nominees in place. he says he will make the call if senators won't confirm his picks first. republicans say that's just not right. coming up, perspective from the past and the question are recess appointments fair or not? we'll report. you decide. and we're tracking the winter storm, some live pictures for you. that's the crossroads of the world in times square in new york city where the snow slowed down for the moment at least. and now a live look in philadelphia where it is still coming down and look at that all
7:47 pm
on the side streets. and to washington, d.c. where the snow is still coming. and the weather loop shows that this storm is moving to the east and should be out of everyone's way by early in the morning but not before a drop of record snowfall. continuing coverage throughout the night.
7:48 pm
7:49 pm
7:50 pm
>> shepard: thecolosal and influential former texas democratic congressman charlie wilson has died. according to a hospital in lufkin texas. wilson died after experiencing trouble breathing at a town meeting. he may be best remembered for his efforts to secretly arm afghan militants during the soviet invasion of afghanistan. but for many americans his work went largely unnoticed until the 2007 film charlie wilson's war. it starred tom hanks.
7:51 pm
>> done by the cia and it's going to get done quietly. >> ever thought do this. >> none whatsoever. >> shepard: wilson earned the name good time charlie in d.c. had a heart transplant in 2007 but served the second district of texas for a remarkable 12 terms. charlie wilson dead tonight at 76. president obama has been in office for exactly one year, three weeks but he is still trying to fill dozens of positions in his administration. during his surprise visit to the white house briefing yesterday, the president warned senate republicans nominee he is willing to push them through with a tactic past presidents have used. jim angle is live in washington tonight with details of that. hey, jim. >> hello, shep. well, president obama is now threatening to use a back door process to put his nominees in place without senate confirmation. >> the senate does not act to confirm these nominees i will
7:52 pm
consider making several recess appoints during the upcoming recess. >> president obama saying is he considering one for craig becker when his nomination failed tuesday. recess appointments can only be made officially in recess. only a limited time until the end of the next full session of congress two years at most. republicans note democrats sharply criticize the practice which president bush used it. >> senator ted kennedy at the time said it was a devious maneuver to evade the constitutional requirements. >> but now democrats have a different view. >> i have told the president enough is enough. he has the right as president of the united states to do recess appointments. >> president obama once railed against president bush's anointments of john bolton u.n. ambassador saying he had less credibility. now that he is president, mr. obama a different view of the practice. >> we can't afford to allow
7:53 pm
politics to stand in the way of a well-functioning government. >> and every president does use it when he runs into trouble from the opposing party. during his two terms, president reagan made 240 of them. george h.w. bush, bush 41 made 77. bill clinton made 139 in two terms. and george w. bush made 171: senate majority leader harry reid once called recess appointments an end run around the senate and the constitution. but now that president obama is in office, democrats see it only as an end run around republicans. shep? >> shepard: jim angle live in washington. jim, thank you. ellen deyen generous seems to be having plenty of fun as the new "american idol" judge. will that translate to ratings for the joe? what do you think? log on to you have a couple of minutes to vote in our poll. the results and a look at ellen's debut that's next. i'm at the doctor getting my shoulder looked at.
7:54 pm
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>> shepard: top stories coming right up, first a couple of
7:57 pm
milestones in the world of entertainment. start with the final night for the jay leno show. leno returning to his old tonight show spot after a failed stint in prime time. last show went by with very little fanfare but not without a visit from donald trump. >> your bosses at nbc have asked me to pass along a special message to you, jay. you know why? because they don't have the guts to do it themselves. >> what is the special message? >> you're fired! >> fired, thank you, donald trump. >> shepard: but only from prime time. jay will return to the tonight show after the winter olympics but that's the schedule. one comedian takes a curtain call. another makes her first appearance on "american idol." ellen degeneres telling critics she may not have experience in the music industry but she knows what it is like to entertain a room. she showed that with her reviews. >> i'm tired as it is. that almost put me right out. it was crazy, i think. in a bad way crazy.
7:58 pm
>> i'm sorry. >> where are you from? >> florida. >> you should put some shoes on here. it's filthy here. hollywood is a gusting town. >> shepard: drew the biggest audience since the season's premier but ratings are still down from this time last year. and earlier in this newscast, we asked will ellen boost "american idol"'s ratings for the season and the results of this moment are as follows. 30% of you say yes. 70% say no. time to update some of fox top stories tonight, millions of americans snowed in tonight as a powerful winter storm continues to pummel the east coast. a number of d.c. area airports still closed right now. the reuters news agency reporting 10 americans accused of child kidnapping in haiti could soon walk free. we're told a judge could release the baptist group as early as tomorrow. the obama administration slapped new economic penalties on four companies and one person
7:59 pm
believed to have ties to iran's revolutionary guard and to be involved in producing weapons of mass destruction. and on this day in 1962, the soviet government released american pilot francis gary powers in exchange for senior kbg spy who had been in u.s. custody for five years. two years earlier powers was flying a photo reconnaissance mission high above the soviet union but the soviets managed to shoot down his spy plane and arrest him. a court later sentenced him to a decade in prison. his release, the stuff of cold war legend. to make it all happen, american and soviet negotiators met in germany at the middle of a bridge separating east and west berlin. after some discussion, the two prisoners crossed the border in opposite directions at the exact same moment. but the iron curtain opened and shut 48 years ago today. and now you know the

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